Covermark Camouflage Magic Shield

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Magic Shield
The Covermark Magic Shield Moisturizing Cream Foundation is a perfect base for your day or evening makeup. It prepares the skin for applying other cosmetics products and results in a more long-lasting makeup. The base has a light and pleasant texture that can be spread on your face with your fingertips, sponge, or brush.

Unique features of the Covermark Magic Shield:

  • The active ingredients of the makeup base are vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid, and rosebay willowherb. They actively moisturize the skin, preparing it for applying makeup.
  • It has a protective effect. The cream foundation forms a stable barrier between the skin and the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Will make your makeup last longer. The product allows you to apply foundation, concealer, and other decorative cosmetics in a more natural and gentle way while ensuring they will stay on your face for a long time.
  • Suitable for all skin types. Furthemore, the cream won’t clog pores and cause allergic reactions.

The Covermark Magic Shield makeup base is packaged in a 50 ml tube. It is economical, so even with daily use, you’ll be able to apply the product for a long time The cream base is tested by dermatologists and professional makeup artists; it is hypoallergenic.



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