To find the correct size, we recommend to combine the two measurements below, the weight measurement and the eye-chin distance measurement.


The weight measurement is strongly correlated with the length and size of the face, making it a great measurement for mask sizing.

  • Use a weight scale to find out your weight
  • Compare the measurement to the table
Recommended SizeWeight (KG)
LOver 75 kg.
M50 – 75 kg.
S30 – 50 kg.
XS12 – 30 kg.


The eye – chin distance measurement is a very accurate method for estimating the correct mask size.

  • Use a ruler and measure the vertical distance between your lower eyelid and you chin
  • Note that this is easiest to do in front of a mirror or with the help of a friend.
  • Compare the measurement to the table in the picture below

If you get different recommendations from the 2 methods, follow the one from the Eye-Chin Distance measurement. If your weight or eye-chin distance is on the borderline, pick the bigger one to ensure a better fit.

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